Grateful to have survived….Boys Soccer Team Dinner last night.  Denver’s soccer team does a team dinner the night before every game and it’s a chance for the parents to feed the boys while they “bond”.  If you remember what it’s like to be a teenage boy…you will soon come to realize this is just basically a feeding frenzy.  Seriously. 

No, in actuality, it’s an awesome privilege to open your home to such great boys.  I love that I can share in this tradition.  It was our turn last night and I’ll be honest.  I spent 12 hours cooking and  cleaning (yes, the house and outdoors needed some serious attention!)  I ordered fried chicken from the local grocery store and made the rest of the traditional fried chicken Sunday dinner…rolls with honey butter, baked potatoes (yes, mashed would have been better but I wasn’t in the mood to make gravy and besides, it was a Baked Potato Bar) green bean casserole, JELLO and of course, apple pie.  I just simply giggle when I think of the vast quantities of food that disappears in a matter of minutes.  I think teenage boys are the greatest!  I really wanted to take a photo of the “table before” and “table after” but it all happened so fast.   Seriously, I’m just really thankful that my son has a good group of teammates to hang out with.  There is truly hope for the future!

Here’s a quick card that my Hostess Club did this past weekend.  It was a variation of a card that I received at Founder’s Circle and I love how the fall colors just look so delicious.  Perhaps you wish to join us for Hostess Club.  We meet Open House style on a Thursday and Friday, once a month.  Club members commit to spending only $20 for 8 months and will rotate the Hostess Benefits.  Next month we meet on Nov 5th & 6th.  Let me know if you wish to join us!

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