And a fine welcome home!  We spent a blissful, almost a week, at our church retreat this week past and loved the peace and serenity of it all….and then it’s a fine welcome home.  Must have been necessary to test the patience and purpose of the past week?.  Dogs made a mess, unseen by the teenager while he was home alone one night…and I literally stepped right in it!  They had found a soccer cleat and chewed it to bits…which wasn’t discovered until 10 minutes prior to practice departure.  Then I find a problem with my inbox.  I couldn’t access my emails or send them out.  I spent most of yesterday trying to set up a new one and try to restore the old.  I think I’ve managed a work around but it was time I desperately needed to maximize on.  Then I sit down to order all my supplies for swaps for Founder’s Circle.  (figured the express ship cost would be money well spent in that I didn’t have to stress over it before we left for the Dells Church Convention….) and our Ordering Express site went down, 3 minutes into entering my order.   So it was a Manic Monday in EVERY sense of the word.  I think it just makes me very thankful for Tuesday and the idea that I’m heading out (again? – I know how can I complain when I NEVER am home!) for St. George Utah and our Founder’s Circle Retreat with Stampin’ Up!  

Even though I JUST got back…I am looking forward to heading out for a long weekend surrounded by some of Stampin’ Up!s top demonstrators and I hope to glean a lot of good information from them that I can use here in my little business.  That and the thought that we are spoiled rotten…  I do find that I occasionally need time to just PROCESS my thoughts and this is always a good time for it. 

So while I sit and think in St. George Utah… sit and enjoy Stampin’ Up!s weekly deals! 

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