And so it's the start for #1 & #2.  I made Adria send me a selfie from college and since she knows I'm a sucker for first day photos, she obliged….looks like she and a high school soccer and now college team mate/friend are having a good morning.

a picture says a thousand words but how can I tell them in a thousand ways that I love them!?

First Day Adria

Denver is flying solo this year.  He's a junior and I think he misses his sister and her boyfriend.  He's managing the disappointment quite well or so I assume as we never see him.  He's off playing soccer, swimming, fishing, shopping and the like, or so he says!  Love him too. 

Denver 1st Day

So that's it…all my birds are out of the nests….it's really a bitter sweet thing, isn't it.

And because we are a creative blog…how about a card…

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Anniversary Card

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