Where all is quiet, calm and still…. a line from one of our hymns keeps going through my head this morning. 

it's so quiet…but in a good way, I think.  I've still got several cats, kittens and dogs underfoot at all times so I'm really not alone and/or bored!  I love September for these warm days, a return to a fairly rigid schedule and the sound of the bus bringing the "little" back to the nest.  It's just so good, in so many ways.  I love that I can leave the office door open and can hear the cicadas, the birds and enjoy the bright blue skies.  I've always thought May was my favorite month and September hasn't really been on my radar as a favorite but as I've grown older, I've come to appreciate the fullness of Sept. 

We've endured several traumatic experiences in September, namely, Sept 11th and the death of my nephew last September and by all accounts, I should dread this time of year.  Anniversaries of tragic experiences echo through the years…but we also have our annual church convention in early September and I have full confidence that this accounts for the  healing and feeding of the soul.  I was also very blessed to attend Founder's Circle  (a retreat for Stampin' Up!s Top 100 demonstrators) in St. George Utah last week and again, I was so glad to rest and regroup the business side of my life.  As a First Born and a People Pleaser, I feel that I've dropped the ball on business and personal levels and  I hate when I disappoint people…so it was so good to be encouraged at Founder's Circle and our Church Convention to just do my best and at times it WON'T be enough but to rest in knowing that I tried.  My heart knows this and now to get my head to understand it as well.  🙂

So I've basically had two weeks of vacation and I better get back to business?  Here's a card that we did for class just prior to leaving on one of those trips.  September has blended all together..sorry.  Look there's proof we used it in class.  Check out the upper right corner of the Mint Macron banner, it fell in the Watermelon Wonder stamp pad.

  In Color Accents

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