It's good to be home.  I love attending our Stampin' Up! events but it's always good to get back home too.  The events leave me refreshed and renewed and often it's agonizing, in that the ideas are so cute it's painful to be away from your stamps!  You wish you could race home and just stamp, stamp, stamp! 

This year was no exception BUT it was different in that my family wasn't home today so I WAS able to race home to stamp.  I played in the office for the entire day!  It was the PERFECT day and I continue to feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

One of things that I was was inspired at convention to try, was be a little more involved in the My Paper Pumpkin program.  This is the monthly subscription program that Stampin' Up! does and it's a little red box that arrives in your mailbox once a month.  It has the power to transform your day into something wonderful.  Poof…just like that! 

I am a recent My Paper Pumpkin convert.  The early kits had a few growing pains associated with them but for about the last six months or so, Stampin' Up! has been hitting them out of the ball park.  We saw a sneak peek at convention and I can say you will LOVE the next two months for sure too.  I have been won over to the kit concept in that they are perfectly easy.  Bring  them to the cabin, Use them in the car, the hotel,at the soccer field or even a hospital (brought some to Cheryl when she was there).  I even threw a couple in my bag for the funeral the other day in case the girls got restless during the long visitation hours. 

Ella and her cousins had a wonderful night the other night crafting with them. One of the best things about them too is that they are contained.  I felt comfortable in letting the girls loose in the craft room as everything they need to make a card/project is contained in the kit and they wouldn't need to be digging through all my stuff looking for the "perfect" stamp etc.  Instructions are simple.  They were able to have a positive experience and boundaries of the kit made clean up EASY. 

So I sat down and tried to figure out how I will use the Paper Pumpkin kits in my business.  I've set up a password protected website where I will be creating 6-8 additional cards using the stamp pads and stamps provided each month.  That way when you complete the kit, you will have additional card samples to work with.  It's like the Post Prom Party…it's just a way to keep the fun going and use an adorably cute card.  It's that easy.    Here's the first "Post Paper Pumpkin Card" using the Thanks A Latte set from the July 2015 My Paper Pumpkin kit.  Here's the original adorable designed cards and my Post Paper Pumpkin" card. 



Thanks A Latte 


The good news is that for new customers you can take the My Paper Pumpkin Kit for a test spin.  You can sign up to receive two months at 50% off.  This is for new customers only.  To sign up, head over to and use my name, Sarah Schueler, as your demonstrator.  You will receive an email each month with exclusive additional ideas using the stamp set.  i hope you will join the Pumpkin Party…you don't want to miss out on a thing!