Today was one of those days were I seemed to get a fair amount accomplished.  My hands and legs are needing a little Tylenol so I can tell I must have done something.  It was a gorgeous spring-like day here in Wisconsin and I spent a good part of it in the garden….weeding and replanting a few things that never came up. 

Last night I felt pretty "off-the-gridish" or "homesteader", maybe even "Mother Earth-ish".  I made a frittata for supper using our broccoli, onions, garlic scapes and eggs from our flock.  Served it up with strawberry rhubarb jam on muffins (again, from our garden) .  See, Mrs. Homesteader for me…so yes, I do like to be productive. 

And that does carry over into my stamping as well.  There are times I need to be creative and times I need to be productive.  This is one of the new products that emphasizes "productive".  I love the quality of the cards in this kit as well as the adorable little tin.  It's just WAY too cute!


It would make a GREAT gift, great vacation project..a great…whatever. It's a must have on your list. And the stamp set is stinkin cute too!


Order yours today!