Where did this week fly by to?!  Somehow it's Thursday and we are already heading into the weekend?  Not sure how it's flown by when it's seemed to be one of the longest weeks of the year?  It's been an "adventurous" one for sure.  Rob was up north working on a floor out of town and was chatting with him earlier saying that, "nope, don't want to move North!  Why would I want to leave my own little slice of heaven I've already got?"  He responds with, "it didn't sound very Heavenly yesterday"  Yes dear, that was a little closer to the other extreme. :)  

I may be exaggerating just a little, but let's just say I crushed my fitbit goal with close to 20,000 steps and I have a freshly cleaned and thawed upright freezer and that the chickens were VERY well fed.  Some distracted child "forgot" to shut the freezer door and I didn't discover this little issue until all of the ice cream was in puddles on the basement floor and bags of fish were thawed and leaking EVERYwhere…This is when I'm really glad the basement doesn't have pristine carpeting but just plain old cement.  Clean up is underway.

Here's just a quick little easy card we did last week at class.  I think it's just adorable in it's simplicity.  It was adapted from the card sample on page 114.   I like it well enough that I've got a stack of them started as swap cards for Stampin' Up! convention.  I've got a couple of car rides coming up and I think I will be throwing a scissors and the pieces to work on in the car.  I've found that both the half and full size stamp cases make excellent "kit" containers, especially when it's just busy work that needs doing.  I throw all supplies and pieces into the container and voila, I'm ready for a car trip or down times any where else.


Product List

I've sat down and figured out all classes through the end of the year and am working on getting a hard copy put together.  They can be already found on my on-line class calendar. 

So yes, today was heavenly.  Kids mostly behaved, I was moderately productive, Denver worked on painting the porch and actually made us Pasta Carbonara for supper, no freezers unthawed or other tragedies but I'm afraid  I need to cut it short tonight.  A rather pungent odor is wafting into the office of a black and white variety and before the rest of the evening turns to the other extreme, I'm going to head into the house, clapping and making lots of noise and hope to head of disaster.  Wish me LUCK!