Often in a career or business we are asked "our why".  Why we become a doctor, why a carpenter, a nurse,  or a whatever….a Stampin' Up! demonstrator?  "The Why", I became a Stampin'Up! demonstrator, 16+ years ago, simply because I wanted great products at a discount.  "The Why" I continue to be a Stampin'Up! demonstrator is far different.  While I still love getting a great product at a discount, it's become about the people I have become friends with over the years.  My customers, my downline and uplines (team members), and various other Stampin' Up! demonstrators, all of which I am honored to call my friends…  My horizons have expanded and grown over the years.  I have met a wonderful group of German demonstrators that I just adore and it has been facilitated by our mutual love of rubberstamping.

So again, I am reminded of "my why".  Several years ago on one of our SU cruises (probably the Caribbean) I met a wonderful spunky demonstrator named Tanja.  She was ADORABLE….and I am feeling the love from afar today.  Over the weekend, when I needed a big hug…suddenly Mr. Postman drops a little brown box on my front porch.  It's filled with a lovely card, lots of Gummy Bears for my kids (German ones have no food coloring (Ms. Ella) and all three kids LOVE Gummy Bears), a stamp from her city and a guardian angel charm.  You have no idea how wrapped in love I felt.  It's a reiteration of my why…I am a demo because I met and become friends with an awesome group of people. 

And why do we stamp and make cards in today's technical digital world?  An email is an email…it cannot wrap a person in a rainbow of feelings and love like that wonderful care package from a far away place like Germany….So Thank you so much Tanja Kolar…you have given me exactly the hug I needed and reminded me again of the wonderful non-tangible things SU does for us….I adore you!

A Whole Lot of Lovey Hostess

TanjaAll for today…Heading home for my dear Grandma Ramaker's funeral today.  She was a very dear special lady…and we were honored to call her "Grandma"….Hugs to all