Summer HAS been good to us but I've been varying between bipolar emotions; the love and euphoria of the season and utter despair of NOTHING being accomplished.  :)  I've decided that it might just be simply wise to lower my expectations for each day?  Perhaps it should be like my to-do list after having a baby…."WHOO HOOO – I showered today!" and it was a banner day if a load of laundry was done (not  even put away!) or if the dishwasher was emptied.  See then I could celebrate the little accomplishments instead of beating myself up for not getting MUCH accomplished.  :)  I think it's my new motto. 

Soo….whoo hooo… I showered today.  Actually my list included a little weeding in the raspberry patch and working on my July newsletter (yes, where is the March, April, May and June one?  I KNOW, I KNOW!)

but I'm heading out today.  I've been blessed to know all four of my grandparents and have lived close enough to them to appreciate them and visit on a regular basis.  My grandfathers have been gone for some time but both my grandmothers are still living.  Both have been very lovely examples of grace, love and faith to me and my family.  My paternal grandmother has been failing the last few days and I'm taking the girls out for a quick visit this morning.  This is the grandmother that has inspired the creativity in me.  She's been a quilter and probably the very reason I'm a quilter and crafter and by extension, a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  This Grandma was the one that's lived nearest to us over the years and my brother, I and cousins have spent many a wonderful spring, summer, fall or winter day with she and Grandpa.  She's been so extremely wonderful and I so want to be exactly like her.  She's grown old graciously and is JUST SO sweet.  So…you probably understand that I need to take today off and visit.  At 94, she's still exactly what I want to be if I grow old.  She is Kindness personified. 

and since I can't get my newsletter to you today…how about a cute little card?  This was a card that we did in class this week and I think it's everything my grandmother is…sweet and uncomplicated but multilayered.  Hugs for today.  I must run…I need to find a few lilies in my flowerbed for a quick little bouquet. 

Sheltering Tree