Popping in quick tonight with a card from Hostess Club last week.  I've been working in the garden and having class the last couple days and we are having Adria's Graduation party this weekend so I'm working on that too..and just haven't had enough desk time and haven't shared a cute card recently…eeps…

Best Yet Hostess Set

For club, I used the Best Yet Hostess Set again.  It just screams my name and it's so "me" and while I loved the flower and butterfly, I wasn't quite sure who I would send the "the best is yet to come" sentiment….it hit me the other day that it would make a nice graduation sentiment.  As we sat at Adria's Mukwonago Highschool Commencement ceremony Sunday, (held at Miller Park BTW) I was just so excited for her that I couldn't find it in myself to be sad for myself.  She's looking forward to the future and is ready to step out.  I know I'll cry buckets come fall but this is an exciting time…and really, I wouldn't want any of the graduates to think that HIGHSCHOOL was the BEST years of their lives…it's not…."the best IS yet to come."  So Adria Dear, enjoy this time but truly know there are great adventures and things ahead.






IMG_2300[1] IMG_2320[1]


Really each stage has it's struggles and beauties and we just need the vision and faith to remember that the best is yet to come.  Best Wishes Adria…you are a delight and joy to us.


All for now…I gotta figure out the end of the year Teacher/Bus Driver Gifts for tomorrow.  Good thing I have Plan B which amounts to using some of our rather large honey stash.  Figure they can use a little extra sweetening after dealing with Ella all year.  🙂