Well at least the family cook book is.  I'm doing the happy dance tonight as our Family Cookbook is finished.  I added the last photo to the pages and I hit send.  It's done.  I hope there aren't too many glaringly obvious typos.  My mom's family is doing a family reunion and it was suggested that we do an update to the family cookbook done in 1988 and so, we embarked on Kots Pots II – A Second Helping….We used a great little program by Morris Cookbooks and it was fairly straight forward. I added several pages of photos to the front along with some memories shared by a family member and I think it will be awesome.  I used our MDS to scrapbook the photos to give it a little extra oomph…

Here's the sad part.  Stampin' Up! has decided to no longer support and develop the My Digital Studio line.  Now I will preface this by saying I AM A TRUE PAPER SCRAPBOOKER…I love the paper and actual photos but I totally see the additional need for digital scrapbooking and I will SO miss having new papers, colors etc for my current My Digital Studio software. 

You have until May 31st to download and back up any MDS products you wish to use/purchase.  I need to spend a little time this weekend figuring out my MUST HAVES before they are gone.  It's fairly simple to use (think an easy to use Photo-Shop Elements) and I've done LOTS of sports books.  Yes, now that the cookbook is a wrap, I need to switch gears and crank out a book for the Girls Highschool Soccer team.  

Here's just a quick little sampling of one of the pages on our Kots Pots II – A Second Helping book.  Now understand, the little page done with this program is similar to driving a Lamborghini backwards on the Autobahn at 5 miles an hour.  Or would that be kilometers an hour?  All the car's talents and strengths are wasted…Similarly, the MDS software program is so much greater than I've done here but I had a limited amount of time and more importantly only 1/2 of a page in a small cook book that this needed to be uploaded to.  Yes, I tried to upload it as the entire page but that wasn't an option with this cookbook printing company.  I know…I tried. 

Cook Book_2_2_2-003

So unfortunately, it's a business decision the company has chosen to make and I'll just need to hurry and order all the digital downloads I can possible think to use.  So Long MDS….it's been so fun knowing you and I wished I could have done a better job of sharing it with you all….only so many hours in a day, no?