It's a gorgeous spring day here in Wisconsin today and it's so nice to have the sun shining and flowers starting to bloom.  We have planted a lilac bush for each year that we've  been here and I noticed that the first of them look to bloom this year.  I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite flower but all my favorites are spring flowers…peonies, lilacs, tulips, lily-of-the valley and irises are my top choices.  I mentioned to Ella the other day that she needs to remind me, this fall, to plant more early spring tulips.  And she will remember, of course!

I recently did my Spring Flower Collage/Stamped Art Class and I had hoped to be able to include a link where I would be able to sell off my extra collages…Um…yeah, they were sold out before they even hit the market.  Sorry 'bout that.  They did turn out quite adorable.  I did keep two back to give as Mother's Day gifts and two for a couple of Special Birthday's this month. 

Floral Collage

Mark your calendars for June 15th.  We will be doing the Snips and Snails Art Collage – all things boy/masculine Father's Day.  It's going to be fun! 

Email me to register and save a spot.  Here's a link to last year's Masculine collage and yes, it will be a different one THIS year….