I think I need a vacation…oh wait, I just had one?!  We had a wonderful time in Hawaii.  It was so relaxing and now we are playing a little catch-up. 

I think I've been struggling with a mild, low level anxiety this spring.  I've been trying to get a few ducks in a row (garden, house, office, business, Rob's business, bees, dogs, chickens, cats, kittens and sports) and also the emotions that go along with the graduation of our oldest. Or maybe it's time to visit my endocrinologist to up my thyroid meds!  🙂

It's seems like my "ducks" get put in the row  and I hear a bunch of quacking and alas, they are scattered hither and yon, again, off chasing daisies or flies or what have you.  Or, Maybe it's just the chaos of seven kittens in my office?  They really are stinkin cute but I believe it's time to move them outside.

Adria's an awesome kid and I really have little to worry about and I wonder if I've just got all the "normal" feelings of a parent about to finish up a chapter of life.  This is our first so I don't now what's NORMAL.  :)  Generally though, I do think the marking of passage of time always makes you reflect on things you wish you would have done differently and worry about how much therapy they are going to need in the future.  Seriously, we are excited for her prospects and choices she's making for the future but are going to miss the comfortable stage we are in.

Speaking of change….I've got the same outlook on our new Stampin' Up! catalog.  I'm so excited about the upcoming year but am going to miss so much of the current catalog.  See, conflicted!  No wonder I'm anxiety ridden.  :)  (Hold on, I just had an epiphany…I think it's been over 3-4 weeks since I did any real stamping….I wonder if it's just that?)  This is the last thing I stamped before going on vacation.  It was my swap card for our Hawaiian Incentive Trip 2015 Best Thoughts

 I've used a whole bunch of new products on here.."Best Thoughts Hostess Set, Watermelon Wonder, Mint Macaron, Banner Triple Punch, Watermelon Dotted Lace Trim to name a few.  How about it?  Need a copy of our new catalog?  How about a FREE Copy…it's all yours.

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