I had uploaded a bunch of photos before we left for Hawaii with the intention of "blogging" while on vacation.  What a dumb idea!  :)  I started the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon while on the LONG flight over to Hawaii.  That, along with the fabulous resort, great friends and fun activities on vacation, I never gave my blog a second thought.  Well, ok, I did mention to Cheryl that I had uploaded photos with every intention of working on it, but I threw that idea and notion right out of the window. 

We did have a wonderful time in Hawaii and I will attempt to gather photos and such a share a few with you later this week…suffice it to say, it was extremely relaxing.  Now the re-entry is brutal.  Lots of chores and lists await and my brain is still in Hawaii…waiting for someone to feed me and entertain me yet again.  Better snap out of it soon here? :) 

I have to switch gears and start planning for graduation in earnest.  It's only a couple of short weeks before Adria graduates and I've got to get going on her party….we are co-hosting a party with several of our church families with fellow graduates so I don't think it's going to be too terribly much work.  I've got to get working on the end of the year soccer booklet though.  :) 

This is a card that we did at my Coffee, Cards and Biscotti class at the end of April.  It's the Graffiti Technique and I'm hoping to whip up a little video to share with you tomorrow demonstrating the technique.  Make sure you are following me on You-Tube.  I was smart and made extras so I've got several on hand for later this month.

Blue Ribbon

 I love this stamp set, Blue Ribbon and I'm a little sad that it's retiring.  One of the things that I look for in a set is versatility.  I love that it can be used for scrapbooking (think sports), Birthday and Graduations, and probably even Father's Day.  Love it!  And I'm fairly certain I'll be keeping this baby around for a good long time.  

Blue Ribbon Wood-Mount Stamp Set

Blue Ribbon Wood-Mount Stamp Set

And speaking of Blue Ribbon…this is my Blue Ribbon kind of kid.  We celebrated Denver's 16th Birthday just before we left for vacation.  He's the spitting image of his dad and he's hilariously funny.  Loves the outdoors, is quite athletic and is so very patient with his annoying little sister. I love this kid!   Happy Birthday to the Best Son ever. 


Don't let this set get away from you!  It's a keeper.  Order yours today!

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