One of the girls in class this past week was talking about a cute stamp she had seen which said, "some people need Gluestick instead of Chapstick".  I'm thinking that might be my issue today.  You see, I've started the stress-eating already, and I'm wishing for a tube of Gluestick that would shut my lips or at least give me a little extra time for the willpower or regret to kick -in.  I've whistled through the caramels left over from the cocoa bar in the office, moved on to the Snickers Minis that Ms. Jean brought to put in the candy jar and now…I'm trying to remember where the kids hid their chocolate Easter Bunnies.

Cheryl and I are heading over to the expo in a few minutes to start setting up our booth.  Eeeps, I'm usually a nervous wreck ahead of the event.  We will have gorgeous displays, catalogs, coupons and class schedules available so I really don't have any idea why I stress!  We've got a great product and I really do love working the expo.  Go figure.  Maybe it's just excitement and I've moved over into the "excitement eating" now too?  Too bad those caramels spend a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.  I tried exercise once but I must be allergic to it.  I got short of breath and was hot and clammy.  🙂

So here's a quick little card you will see at the expo.  Isn't it adorbs?  We stamped this one at the Artisan Embellishments class this past week.  I love that Painted Petals stamp! 

Painted Petals

And Hey, did you see that the Wonderous Wreath that we used on this card is part of the Weekly Deal?  Better get yours today!  While it's on sale…