Yikes, How is it that I haven't posted anything since April 1st?  You would think we had Spring Break or something around here?!  Albeit, the weather over spring break was less than stellar, with LOTS AND LOTS OF MUCH NEEDED RAIN, we did have a nice time.  We did a little shopping, a little lazing around, a lot of extra hours at the hospital and now I need to "bee-come" a busy little bee, "bee-fore" the expo.  Oh, boy, yes, lame pun intended..  

This week the WEATHER IS GORGEOUS, and alas, I need to be inside working on expo stuff.  Yes, I SHOULD have been more focused last week during the CRUMMY weather but I just can't seem to muster the discipline when I have three kids,  a husband, two dogs and four cats all running in and out of the studio.  Somehow that's just a little distracting, usually in a good way?  I spend about the first 48-60 hours of any Spring, Summer or Christmas vacation feeling frustrated as I can't seem to accomplish much, then I just throw in the towel and ALL self-discipline out the window and lower my expectations of a to-do list to, basically, brushing my teeth and combing my hair and one somewhat healthy meal for us.  It's a work in progress. That way, anything beyond that feels like I've moved mountains.

So the kids went back to school on Monday and I had class yesterday and today.  So I figured I'd really hit it hard Wednesday and Thursday prepping, with the Expo on Friday.  Ella, so helpfully, informs me this morning, that they have early release tomorrow….at 11:30am.  What?  They just went back!  The big kids will be home at 10:20am.  So I sense a repeat of last week in the making.  Do you think I have a prayer of putting them to work in the yard and studio?  Yeah, I didn't think so either.

So I better post a quick card here on the blog before I switch into soccer gear.  Adria's got a game tonight and I did cut back on many of my May classes so that I can take advantage of her remaining soccer games before she graduates.  Of course, throw in our Stampin Up! Hawaiian vacation and Memorial Day and I wasn't left with very many Mon/Tues combos to have classes anyway…but for the VERY first time in 16 years, I'm taking a little mini-vacation from classes.  I will only have my Hostess Club and Layouts class in May and then we will be back, hitting it hard again in June.  You can access the calendar in the right hand column.

Card…..see easily distracted!  Here's my FAVORITE card from the Artisan Embellishment Kit class that we did on Monday and Tuesday.  I think it's yummy!

Indescrible Gift




Product List


Card Stock

Tools & Adhesive


Ribbon & Trim

That's all for today. I must go change into something a little warmer and YOU must check your In-Color 2013-2015 stock. These colors will most likely be retiring on April 21st and they will go VERY VERY fast. Freaky Fast…so check your reinkers and cardstock stash and order today!