We arrived home from Phoenix, AZ last night and we had a wonderful time in AZ.  Denver had a soccer tournament scheduled for Phoenix and when we googled the sports complex  we realized that my aunt and uncle winter about 18 miles from the facility  so we decided that we would take a little mini-family vacation to bring Denver to the tourney.  We left WI on Wednesday and arrived home last night.  We spent a little time in Maryville, checking out the Brewer's spring training complex, one day touring Wickenberg (an old-west cowboy town), one day we rented Razors and spent the entire day in the desert (weather was perfect!), two days were spent at the tournament and the boys did quite remarkably considering they haven't been on an indoor or outdoor field since right after Thanksgiving.  I hope we didn't overstay our welcome with my aunt and uncle but I know WE really enjoyed being with them.

I was fighting a sinus infection before we left and with the flights and lots of activity, I think I'm losing the battle….I've lost hearing in one ear, for sure and I'm tempted to place a call to my dr as I'm thinking it may be developing into walking pneumonia.  I'm very thankful that I've got a fairly easy week, work-wise and class-wise.  I spent the entire evening on the couch.  I just don't have a lot of ambition….taking the puppies for a walk was like running a half-marathon!

It has been quite a while since I did any stamping and I need to whip up a few samples for next week's Punches and Punch Art class on Monday and Tuesday, March 9th & 10th.  I need to get them done in the next few days as I, again, need to board a plane and head to a tournament in Virginia with Denver…That's IF their snow melts!  Keep your fingers crossed.

So here's just a few shots from vacation and my second of five cards I will be doing at my Punches and Punch Art class on Monday and Tuesday!

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A Happy Thing Card SampleI was so intrigued by the idea of "fruit trees".  I find it amazing that you can harvest citrus in Arizona.  I so wish that was an option here in the Midwest.  Alas, I'll have to settle for Apple and Pear…

Now off for a little nap…I know a nap, is a nap but I think I'd prefer to nap here…48 hours ago, we were!