Look carefully and you can see the parallels!  Mother Nature, a Dementor?  Sucking all joy, and happiness from a person.  What is up with several inches of snow this morning!  I'm telling you…She's a Dementor!

And as all good Harry Potter Wizarding fans know, the only defense against a Dementor is a Patronus.  Harry Potter's patronus was a silver stag and was very good anti-dementor.  So in the spirit of Harry Potter, I decided that the only way to banish Mother Nature's wintery Dementor's Kiss was to conjure up a little happiness of my own with a Springy Card Patronus. 

I knew that every single one of my cards needed to be springy and happy today.  (Why yes, a few of them WERE designed minutes before class this morning!  Why do you ask?  That's a little bit like asking my weight and age…)  And while the snow isn't actually vanishing, it is warm and cheerful in our Happy Place, so I think my Springy Card Patronus is working.

Here's the first of the Springy Cards.

Wonderous Wreath


Product List


Card Stock


Ribbon & Trim


Big Shot

Don't let Mother Nature's Dementor's Kiss steal your happiness today.  I would suggest you cast your own patronus in the form of an online order.  I know retail therapy always makes ME feel better!  Or bring yourself to class tonight or tomorrow morning.  We always have room for you in our Happy Place.

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