I've been trying to settle back in from Leadership and get these little puddlers on a schedule.  I'm not sure if they are putting me on a schedule or visa-verse,  but all I know, is that if I threaten to return the puppies, for lack of cooperation from the three kids in training, feeding and walking them, I have 1 or 2 of them that melt into a puddle of tears…so that's how fast these two have weaseled their way into the hearts of my family.  And you can probably guess who the softies are!

I may be the only hold-out so far, but as you know, I'm a huge pushover so I'm trying to embrace the change in family dynamics and work with them and setting up a schedule.  I did decide that I would kennel them in the morning for a couple of hours so that they don't have free reign and I can actually get something accomplished.  After lunch, they can join me in the office and I'll start setting the "puddle-avoidance timer".  I'm sure you know what it's like to get sucked into a time-warp and ignore all things when sitting with paper, ink and stamps!  Hence the need for a timer!  Wish me Luck.  I'm heading out to Pet-co for a couple of those Kong Toys.  Hopefully that will help as well.

Here's a quick little thank- you card using the "gap technique".  (I've vowed to start videos again and I just may use this technique as a start!"  It's simple but fun.  And works for a variety of stamps and colors. 

Thanks So Much Card


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Gotta run, the timer just beeped and I must take care of business!  🙂