It's kind of like that old country song, "I was Country, when country wasn't cool"…I was using gold before Gold was even cool…

I had my Glitz and Glamour class last week where we used lots of Gold and Silver and I was told several times that gold is 'THE' color this year.  (Yes, I know…I was seriously tempted by the new gold Ipad Air 2…I resisted temptation and just went with the "old" white Air…I figured I'd be covering it with a protector thingy anyway and could get A LOT of gold glimmer paper for that extra $150 bucks.) 

So I was pretty excited to be considered hip and trendy by my stampers.  That's usually not two adjectives that are closely tied to me but..hey, I'll run with it today.  I want to share a quick little card that I did with the Gold Glimmer Paper and the Gold Embossing Powder.  The color combo is so yummy and springy too.  I also want to show the "help" I am getting on a regular basis around here.





Of course, as puppies, I had to tell them to sit 20 times, times two, just to keep them off the paper long enough to take the shot and I'm not sure you can see the "pink" paws?  Someone found the box of stamping sponges decided that the red one would make a wonderful chew toy.  Both paws and mouths are pink.  Ewww….

Listen up…you two, replacing stamping sponges is cutting into my gold glimmer budget!  If you are going to be helping in the office, we need to define 'help'….

Order yourself some Gold Glimmer today and you, too,

can be hip and trendy!

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