Alrighty…I SHOULD be sound asleep!  I am amidst my 3 day work weekend at the hospital (MLK Day on Monday, remember) and I purposely stayed up till 430 so that I could get a full 6 hours before heading back in tonight at midnight…Sproing, Wide Awake at 830! 

I'm fairly certain that I can speak for other 3rd shifters but here's how a typical 3rd shift mind works…(note: I did NOT say normal) you become abnormally conscious of never wanting to miss your alarm clock so you become hypersensitive to the passing of time.  You wake up with a gasp, certain you've not set the alarm correctly, you've missed your shift and let your co-workers down.   All in a matter of seconds…then the adrenaline starts running and you are "awake".  As you lay there, you start to worry.  "I've got to get to sleep"  "If I don't fall asleep by x-time, I'll only get x-amount of sleep and I can't work my 8 hours on only x-amount" and then "what if I do fall asleep?  I'll be so tired that I'm going to miss my alarm?" and the cycle begins again.  Repeat this several times during what should be your bedtime hours.

So I figured I'd get up, share a quick little photo of my Valentines Collage that we are doing on Tuesday AM and Tuesday PM. 

Class is only $25 and includes the black wooden frame.  I'm hoping to design a couple of more squares so that you can have extra options!  Let me know if you would like a spot reserved!

Valentine's Collage – January 20th – 9:30am & 6:30pm

Valentines Collage

I hope you can come, it's REALLY stinkin' cute!


All for now…see you tomorrow…and Go, Pack Go!