Sometimes it’s good to keep love simple.  Like puppy love….no strings, no hoops just pure sweet and simply love.  Speaking of puppy, Ella is still finagling for a dog.  She started planing the seed about a year ago, moved on to suggesting names and now, phase three..she’s gone beyond us now and reached out to our friends with the dogs, specifically asking if any were available and when she could come and pick one out. Look out world, we have a mover and a shaker and a master manipulator.  If the conditions of my life aren’t to my liking, I will make them better. 

So yes, puppy love it is…sweet and simple.  Stay tuned, somehow I foresee a puppy in our future.  How does one stay strong against relentless pressure, especially when my arguments are completely selfish and pretty lame?  I suggested Holly as an adorable name, Ella wasn’t impressed.  Any other cute names?  It’s inevitable, I might as well get used to the idea.  

It’s inevitable that you will need this Happy Heart folder.  Just order it now.  You will need it sooner or later and it might as well be today.  Valentines is coming and a folder doesn’t add any weight to your hips like a big old box of chocolates.  You deserve it.  Here’s one simple little Valentines card that I did for my Hostess Club yesterday.  It’s super easy and stinkin’ adorable!

I used the Note Cards and Envelopes to make this quick little valentine.  Order yourself a pack of these today.  I am always amazed at how quickly a card can come together when you use this product!  Love it.



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All for today. Heading out for a quick game of indoor soccer for Ella. Burn off a little excess energy. Here response would be…”well if I had a dog, I could burn energy walking it.” right, that would last a couple of weeks….and then I’m heading over to Ms. Cheryls to pick out the last of the Camp Cards and maybe squeak in a little Valentine Collage stamping! Stay warm, my peeps.