As I was saying, sometimes, less is more?  I've got a SUPER Simple thank you card for you today.  It's a card from today's Sweet Sadie washi class.  I had class today and will repeat tomorrow.  It's so easy it's almost embarrassing.  But it's one of my favorites.  Gives me NO excuse not to write out those thank yous..



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And speaking of less is more…I'm going to a lot less tonight.  I just got a notification from the library that my book is due in three days and I've literally waiting months to get it.  So I'm heading in, making a simple cup of tea and putting my feet up.  I think it's the last time I can do that for a week.  I'm working four (count them, FOUR!) days this week at the hospital and have Bible study here (can I say major cleaning frenzy?…eeps).  So less is more…less dishes, less laundry, less….  :)  night, see you tomorrow?  Take a break, whether it's to stamp, to read or just relax.  WE are worth it!