Fall Softly Snow…..It's absolutely beautiful here.  There's a soft snow falling on the pine trees and Ms. Ella's building a snowfort.  (yes, I was pelted with snowballs already this morning)  I'll make another cup of coffee and be blissfully content.  I think we are in for a cold snap later this next week but I will be cozy and warm in the studio and I'm looking forward to pulling out the stamps when the kids get back to school.  I've made my resolutions, goals and priorities for 2015 and a few of them were broken already yesterday with a simple little trip to Chili's.  (Who can resist their Chips and salsa?)

I've got a few more Christmas cards to share yet today.  Maybe I'll see if we can build a snowman instead of a fort?  So I'll get right into it…  This gorgeous card, using the Ornament Pine set, was sent by Phyllis N.  She's a downline and friend and I love the old-time feel of this card.  I'm brought back to the warmth of grandma's house and molasses cookies and our yearly flannel xmas gift of pajamas.


I actually received duplicates of this stunning card.  It was sent by my upline, Connie T and a friend, Mary B.  Mary would have probably attended Connies class and I'm so delighted that she choose to send me an extra extra special Connie card!  They've used the Christmas Bauble set.  Love it!

IMG_1631[1]This card was done by another friend and customer Melody S.    I think it was the very first card I received this season and it set the bar pretty high!  :)  I love the complexity of the  string-art on the tree and the simplicity of the rest of the card.  It is absolutely stunning in person!  I'm sure there is an eloquent lesson represented in this card?  Faith is thing that is so beautifully complex but yet so incredibly simple. 


This card was done by an absolute saint, Ms. June.  June is the kindest, sweetest, most patient person I know.  She's send this lovely card, probably knowing that my husband and son are avid hunters.  She's like that…always thinking of everyone else!  In fact, she surprised Ms. Ella last week with a lovely birthday card in the mail.  She's the first to share her dimensionals, her scissors, her time, her what-ever!  And we love her for it.

IMG_1634[1]That's all for today.  We need to run over to the library and pick up the 4th Harry Potter movie.  We wanted to get through the entire series….oops, we are running out of time and I really don't want an actual get-out-of-school kind of snow day.  Vacation has been wonderful BUT I should get back into a routine before we run out of clean clothes.