Here's what I learned this weekend…I've just finished my 4th day in a row at the hospital (we were short staffed and it was my weekend/holiday and here's what I've learned:..

1.   I could NOT hack a full-time 40 hour/week job!  How ever do you that are mothers handle it?  How do you keep your house up, the bills paid, the laundry done, the chauffering and game attending, all while working a 40 hour week?  (I will not get into a debate about the pro and cons of which type of mom has it tougher, stay at home vs working outside of the home as it's different kinds of stresses) but I've learned that I spent a good portion of my weekend in a slightly catatonic state and only one load of laundry was done and I was a raving lunatic yelling at the littles and bigs of the house to get their junk picked up as no one was putting away boots, loading the dishwasher, unloading etc.

2.  I wouldn't like myself nor would many of my family members.  see explanation of Lesson Learnt #1.  Perhaps I would have to lower my standards but shoot, they are already pretty low and I could only buy so many packs of underwear if laundry was piling up and when would I have time to get to Target anyway? 

3.  I've got a pretty cushy job and I love what Stampin' Up! does for me! Yes, I do work my Stampin' Up! business fairly consistantly and probably more than the average SU demo but wowza, it's certainly not the stress of a 40 hour work week.  Maybe I do put in quite a few hours stamping, designing, blogging, teaching classes, but it's NOT a 9-5 or in my case 12am-8am job.  And stamping is My Happy Place so it's pretty much a zen-type job. I am ever so thankful that my upline, Connie Tumm, mentored me and helped me build my SU business.  I've really had the best of both worlds (stay at home and working mom, both).  I've really been able to have my cake and eat it too when it comes to this…I LOVE my life and all the blessing that I've been given. 

4.  Working 3rd shift makes me sleep deprived and I become a weepy, maudlin mess.  – See Lesson Learnt #3.  Enough said….let me grab a tissue…

The Stampin' Up! opportunity has been very very good to me…are you looking for a little something different or to round out your experience?  Let me share some of the benefits that I have gained as a Stampin' Up! demo.  Call me at 262-521-3194.  Now is a Perfect time to join!

My team has grown into a really awesome group that is fairly active as a group.  I schedule team meetings and activities on a regular basis.  One of the treats for the demos is what I call Diva Day…"any new recruit, the recruiter, a demo that promotes or hits the target sales quota each month is invited to a semi-annual Diva Day…It's a special day where they are treated to a fun stamping day along with special products. 

This is one of the cards that the Divas did on Saturday morning using the Stamp set and punch that was their gift.  I love how easy this card is….

Lotus Blossom


Product List


Card Stock




 So that's all for today.  I need to figure out what's for supper and that's lesson #5 – My Family is Spoiled!  I do fall down on the Becky Home-Ecky homemaker front quite often but if I was working 40hrs/week at the hospital, there would be far more Tombstone Pizzas for supper than currently served!  Just Sayin'