JoyousIt's been a pretty big weekend here at the Schueler's and I've got about 3 minutes tonight before I "turn into a pumpkin" or a something much more menacing.  I worked on taxes over the weekend and did manage to get a good start on them..on Sunday, all my plans for future productivity vanished… you know, Ella has been working toward a puppy…and it was "ready".  I sent Rob over to pick it out and he returns with TWO.  what have I don't today?  Nada…back to a single load of laundry finished!  I puppy-monitered all day.  🙂    '

Yes, I understand there is a lot of literature advising against such a practice of two puppies but apparently my husband doesn't read?  So now it's 24 hours later and how would you pick one to return?  Yeah, doesn't work that way….

So I'm trying to be "joyful" and count my blessings…the first of which is the fact that I get to escape and head to Orlando Florida and our Stampin' Up" Leadership there on Wednesday.  Ahhh, bliss. 

This is one of my swap cards that I will be starting on the plane down…  :) 

No seriously, the puppies are adorable but I feel a little like I've just had twins and am getting about as much done.  Hopefully they will be on a schedule when I get back?  :)  All for now, I think I remember the saying you have to nap when the baby naps?…especially true when you have "twins!"


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Big Shot

I'll let you make your own judgement call…

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