It was one of my middle-school nightmares.  You know the one where you plan a party and NO ONE shows up?  I can't be the only one with residual unfounded irrational fears from that horrible place we all know as Junior High?  I had a nice day in spite of one of those old fears coming to pass.  

I had set up a "girls day" to stamp with a couple of my good friends/downline.  After the holidays and juggling the kids' numerous wants and needs, I knew I NEEDED some crafting time and felt I wanted to share the day with others.  I set the date, sent the invites, changed the date to accommodate schedules and waited…well actually, I cleaned up the office (sort of as much as I could with three kids in and out and crafting in the same space – hence the need for some crafting time – see above), I made soup (my family famous Corn and Ham Soup AND Tomato Basil so that there would be choices), I ordered new products for my peeps to play with and I waited…and waited…and waited.  Nary A Soul!!  Countless hours of middle school angst finally realized about 30 years later….but you know me, I WILL make LEMONADE out of Lemons…and I spent a blissfully quiet (quieter than I anticipated but I digress) afternoon and I didn't make just one card but I think I did a DOZEN, at least.  Creativity abounded.

I needed a special thank you card for my friend, Ute Jung.  Ine of the cool things about this business is truly some of the special people we meet.  I meet Ute and her friend Irena on our Western Caribbean cruise this past spring.  And like any stampers separated by an entire ocean, we bonded over…….my unfinished swap cards and my Blendabilities.  And in return for helping finish my swaps, I shared my Blendabilites with her as German demos, they couldn't get them until like July! 

So Ute sent me some of my FAVORITE things…chocolate.  IMG_1412[1]And not just any chocolate, German Specialty Chocolate.  All the way from Germany!  Like the special kinds that have the little pictures describing the flavors so you don't have to guess.  I have hidden the box and am not sharing!  (I am blaming her for the extra 5 pounds that I put on this holiday season).   

I was having one of those "blue" kind of days, just kinda bleech…nothing major, just bleech.  A little pre-holiday stressed out panic.   And with perfect timing, her delightful package arrived, raising my spirits and making me feel EXTRA special. And it wasn't just chocolate, she sent homemade pecans AND an adorable mini album with photos from our trip.  I'm grinning just remembering it!  Her thoughtfulness was over the top so I needed an over the top card.  Not sure if it's exactly 'over the top' but I do think it's pretty cute…

Crazy About You

So just a special little card for a special friend.  Thanks bunches Ute.  You have no idea how much joy you brought me…

You, my peeps, here in the States, stamping in my happy place.  You can make this card next week at Hostess Club.  A new Hostess club round will start here in January.  Let me know if you would like to join a club!  Email/call for more details!

Now let's just hope my other middle-school fear isn't ever realized.  You know, the one where you are standing naked in the hallways and you can't remember your locker combination….