"I think this is my new favorite page".  As a demonstrator/artist, I'm fairly certain there isn't ANYTHING sweeter to the ears than to hear such a statement. We had Layouts Class last night and that was exactly what I heard!  My little heart, and ego too, were doing back-flip handsprings.  How is it that just a little bit of validation makes everything in the world seem right?

I wonder if it's a life lesson that I should be learning more frequently when dealing with my children.  I don't want my kids to grow up thinking I'm difficult to please and feel that they are constantly "not measuring up to a super-high standard". It was a New Year's Resolution to learn to have a love that doesn't have any strings attached, an unconditional love.  And I wonder if one would just give more HONEST unsolicited praise, if it would go a long way towards showing unconditional love?  Deep thoughts for a gloomy Friday morning.  :)  So let's just show you the page.  I shared a similar card last week that was one of MY favorites this month too.  It's a fairly quick card with pizzazz that I think I may use it as my Leadership swap.  (Orlando, here we come!) 

What do you think?  Like it?  Ok that's a bid for solicited validation and it means JUST about as much to the old ego.  (I can use it today, as my scrubs were a LOT tighter this morning than last month…sigh, it's appearing that I may need to move my biscuits out of the stamping chair and actually exercise.  That or remove all the chocolate from the room and that's no fun either!) 



Are you behind on your scrapbooking?  How about if you try our Layouts Class next month, Thursday, Feb 19th?   You can get a good start on five pages!  You will add your photos at a later date.  5 pages for only $25

We were talking last night that one of the ladies has attended every club since we started the layouts class and we figured out that she has completed over 120 pages since the start.  That's AMAZING and yes, the pages are customizable.  You should give it a shot!