This time of year is so much fun to open the mailbox to stacks of Christmas Cards.  You almost don't mind the tax bill when it's hidden amongst gorgous cards from friends, downline and family members.  Since I gotten such pleasure out of them,  I think it's only fair that I share them with you, no?

Today is the last day before school is out (Eeeks.  I just realized that I forgot to send my teacher gift along with Ella!  We were finishing up her birthday snack for class before she raced to catch the bus.  Guess it looks like I'll be heading over to school at some point today).  Ok…before I just had the "lack of gift" epiphany,  I was explaining that it's going to be the last day that I can spend some "alone" time in the office before Christmas break and so I'm reveling in the quiet here in the studio this morning.  We don't have anything too exotic or exciting planned for the holidays.  We will probably just play it by ear and see how the week unfolds.   Play a few games, put together a new puzzle, have a Harry Potter movie-marathon, go to the trampoline park, maybe re-do the upstairs bathroom, eat a few cookies (oh that reminds me, Mom brought cut-out cookies to Ella's party last night….)

Alright, I'm back.  Let me just brush the crumbs off..and we'll get down to business and i can share a few of the cards we've received over the past few weeks.

Festival of Trees

This card was sent to me by my up-line Jill Olsen.  She used the Festival of Trees set from the Holiday Catalog to make an adorable card

This card was sent by my downline Vickie Monosa.  She used the White Christmas set to stamp a gorgeous card.  I'm making note of the layout and watch for a cute card.  (I may not have any alone time here in the studio for a couple of weeks BUT they do sleep in quite nicely and I AM an early-bird.  By next week I will need my studio therapy anyway!)

White Christmas

This last card for today, was made by my downline Melynn O'Connor-Long.  I adore the colors, so non-traditional and the layout.  It, too, was an out-loud…."oooh, that's cute!"  She's merged the Holiday Home stamp set with a few Simon Says things for a lovely, lovely card!

Holiday Home CardThat's all for today.  I need to get the final 12 Weeks of Christmas email ready for going out tomorrow and need to head over to school.  sigh…  :)  Carve out a few minutes this week to have a little stamp therapy.  It makes the holidays, "happy".