Several of you have asked about the boxes that we used to hold our gifts for the All Day Stampers from Camp.  Why yes, of course they were made!  We are stampers, you know. 

So I'm going to give you a peek again at the boxes and share a video from Stampin' Up! explaining the process.  I'm WAY too tired to do that and really why replicate the wheel?  They've done allImages the work for me and it's a good thing.  Camp was a smashing success again this weekend.  Worked last night at the hospital and rushed home to finish up prepping for class. ( I was asked to switch my workday this week at the last minute and for the sake of good fellow worker relations, I drank an extra 3-4 cups of coffee and pressed on. )

And here's your public service announcement….AS anAlpha-Male, Do NOT under any circumstance ask the alpha female that has camped like a girl all weekend, worked third shift and then had class all day and finishes up the day as a child-taxi driver, "what's for supper?"  Just sayin'

Here's the Box.  They really are so much cuter in person.



Product List


Card Stock

Ribbon & Trim


So here's the video and I'm off to bed.  I need a little beauty sleep!  🙂