I have found that I'm in dire need of a little "Happy Place" time.  It's that or I need to schedule an attitude adjustment?   I'm planning on spending my day in the office today and the reason is two-fold.  First off, the house is COLD.  Our furnace is out and either, the fuel tank is dry or the furnace itself is is on the capoot.    I've got a call into the local delivery service and so I'll start with the most obvious possibility first.  "and Yes Mom, I should have checked that earlier in the year!"  Seriously? 

Secondly, I'm just in a little funk..I've never been one for cold weather and it hit pretty early and hard this year and I think all the stress and sadness of the late summer/fall has snuck up on me.   We did have an amazing soccer weekend and  I wouldn't trade that time with Denver for anything.  Those memories make me smile.  Then I had class yesterday here and whew, the girls were fiesty!  I'll admit I wasn't completely ready (I gave my students TOO many square options!) and yikes I was hopping trying to stay ahead of them!  I thought I did a pretty good job of it but I did learn my lesson to NEVER give them 20 squares to pick from… 

So, I was TIRED by the time last night rolled around.  Between the long drive and late nights of the weekend, the pre-class mad dash, keeping the bins stocked during class, and  coupled with all the other things that need doing whispering in my head, needing to make big and little decisions about camp, college, the house etc,   I was telling Rob that I just felt like I was so tired and I was messing up my little juggling act everywhere.  :)  I won't even share his response but will suffice to say, that it involved cleaning my office.  Ok, Captain Obvious!  :)  Certainly that's true, But how's that going to help the bigger picture!!??…..

see, just writing that makes me laugh.  The power of My Happy Place is already working…Here's one of the bins that I cleaned up from the back counter.  I had extra cardstock from a class already cut and it's so hard to put back into the drawers if it's already designated for a card.  So I compromised, I put one set back into the bins and stamped the second set.  Which of these cards do you like better?  The vellum or white snowflake version?

White Snowflake.

Vellum Embossing


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