I think Thanksgiving is probably my all-time favorite holiday.  Growing up, we spent a lot of time throughout the year with both my maternal and paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I would have to say that we were a very close extended family. And as such, our Thanksgiving tradition has evolved over the years to be, that we spend the day with my maternal side of my family.  (We tend to keep Christmas for Rob's side and T-day for my side, we're fair that way..hahah) 

Once my grandmother moved to a trailer and no longer had room for the entire family we started rotating the hosting duties amongst the aunts and cousins.  This year, it's at my cousin Ryan's house.  He's got a gorgeous old Victorian that has ample room for the feast of family.  The hostess/host does the turkey and then everyone brings their signature dish.   Mine's the Squash Casserole (remind me to check and see if I've been assigned anything else.)  So really, the work is spread out among the attendees and it's just plain relaxing fun.  I suppose that we maybe should work a post-feast touch football game into the traditions but that just seems to be like I said…"work" as well as asking for a trip to the emergency room.  Maybe I'll bring a few board and card games along and hopefully that will make it seem like we aren't JUST eating.

I've found that I need to remind myself of my many blessings of late and when I sit to count them them, I do have a heart of gratitude.  It's so easy to decend into the hole of depression or maybe just "overwhelmed" so it's a good excersise for me to count my blessings. I haven't had a lot of time to spend in my happy place this month and when I was looking around the room today for cards to share, it hit me that I've been gone a lot!  We've been to three out of state soccer tournaments (NC, MO and IN) in the last few weeks and coupled with Camp, I haven't had time at my crafting desk and it simply amazes me how something so simple as paper and ink can just settle and focus me.  I've  been blaming the weather but it might be a lack of "happy place".

Here's a quick card that we did recently at our Camp Stamp-in-oga.   (Mark your calendars for Feb 7th for the Winter session)  More details will be coming out shortly!

Isn't it just the cutest?  I love the chalkboard technique done here with the Blendabilities.  (Hmmm, maybe a video is in order?  I did rationalize a mani/pedi in NC with the promise of a video…suppose it's time to pay-up!)

Fall Fest

Product List

Soft Suede Stampin' Write Marker

Soft Suede Stampin' Write Marker
Glue Dots


So grab a chair, eat your turkey and spend a little time in your Happy Place this weekend. I am, and I plan to order a few things from our Online Extravaganza too!