This past week has been a rodeo….a goat-rodeo, but a rodeo, none-the-less.  I see that I've been 10 days without a post?  Eeps…Kids are finishing up their soccer seasons and so that's been a big part of the past few weeks.  Adria had four games in the last four days, three of which were in St. Louis.  I think she's really glad to have tonight off?  We hosted Denver's team for Team Dinner last Wednesday night and I've decided that I don't think I could have managed a large family household.  I was cooking and cleaning for two days and the 16+ boys took exactly 38 minutes to eat all three pans of lasagna, three loaves of bread, three heads of lettuce and three pies.  So my thought is this….how far behind would I get if I had to do that again all over at breakfast and then wash all their clothes, towels, uniforms etc?  I can see the large hamster wheel and my incessant running…. 

Hats off to those of you with big families!  I DON'T know how you do it!  And don't say that you delegate chores as I've tried that with the current batch of just three and I spent MORE time delegating and following up than if I'd have just DONE….Either I'd never have time to craft or I'd spend EVERY waking moment in my "Happy Place" crafting.  Not sure which end of the spectrum I'd fall on.

So yes, we've had a little bit of a rodeo here in good ol' Wisconsin.  This is a really fun scrapbook page that we did at September's Layouts classes.  Don't forget the next class is Oct 23rd!  I hope you can come and join us.  Not local?  These page kits can be mailed out to you!  



Yee-Haw Scrapbook Page

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