I just wanted to pop in this morning before running errands and share with you the Halloween Framed Art Collage that my stampers did earlier this week.  I think it's Totes Adorable!  Don't forget that we have three more of these classes before the end of the year.  Fall Framed Art Collage is scheduled for Oct 20th, Christmas Collage scheduled for Nov 17th and the Winter Framed Art Collage for Dec 8th.  So make sure you let me know which of these classes you need me to save a seat for you at!

I've got Hostess Club this afternoon (yes, you ARE invited!!) and I need to get cat food and Sure-gel when I run to town.  I want to make raspberry-jalepano jam sometime this weekend, in between work, soccer, a shoebox swap and a few other projects on the burner!  :)  Late fall and winter are actually our "slow" times of the year.  Soccer is over and the yard and garden is usually covered in snow so I get to hibernate in my cozy little studio.  I love it.  If I could only figure out how to get my family to do the grocery shopping so I wouldn't ever have to leave, I'd be set!  But I digress….

Here's the adorable little collage that we did!

Halloween Framed Art

Collage 2Roxie and Barb sharing their collages.  Take note of the class mascot that Barb has been spoiling.  It's Minnie, one of the baby kittens that we have here at the house.  Somehow she gets smuggled in with a stamper, now and then.

Collage 3Toni and Val did a great job too.  Some of the others snuck out before I was able to snap a picture.  Don't miss out on the next Framed Art class.