I'm in a better place today….I've been comforted and encouraged at our church convention that we attended last week.  It really was perfect timing to be able to go away and just "rest".  Not that it would ever erase the loss that we've experienced this past month but simply gave us a little hope and a loving reminder that God truely does have us in his hand and cares for our sorrow.  My heart is so sad to think of Rob's sister, brother-in-law and niece having to go on without Tandi but am encouraged that so many have offered help and are remembering them in prayer.  We really are blessed in so many ways.

I will be leaving tomorrow for Founder's Circle, and again, I marvel at the timing.  I do have so much to do around here but probably can certainly use the time away to refresh and refocus.  I've also managed to start sorting through my website issue, so that has given me a little bit of stress-relief.  (I'm sure you may have noticed that at one point the old address was selling Chinese handbags?) 

Late this summer I had gotten a reminder to update my credit card expiration date and with all of Rob's family being in town for a couple of weeks, Rob's dad's health issues that started around that time, back to school shopping and preparation along with Tandi's passing, that was the furthest from my mind.  Alas, the old address went back into the general population of purchasable web addresses and was "bought".  I think they try to use the existing web traffic to "sell" their product, increase their searchability AND eventually will try and sell the address back to me.  Well, I DON'T want it!  ok, maybe a little but I've been forced to take a step and "rename" my blog.  Well, it's now www.stinkincutecards.com.  It's been REBORN.  Bookmark it and remove the old.  We don't want it anymore!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove and with the kids in school my distractions are reduced.  I PURPOSE NOW to get a newsletter out in the next few days!  I've gotten a full calendar of classes posted and have all three of my Christmas card classes scheduled.  Am working on designing now.  I had the first class yesterday, the Religious cards, and this was one of the cards from class. 

The Newborn King

I do have one more packet of cardstock cut if anyone would like to attend with the peeps at the Coffee, Cards and Biscotti class on Sept 22nd or 23rd, I do have a couple others doing the same thing.  First person to contact me, will get the packets.  Off to have a little lunch, feed the chickens and stamp 113 swap cards for Founder's Circle.  No stress here!