It's a bittersweet day here in the studio.  The Bigs started their senior and sophomore years today which is terribly exciting,

Big Kids

but we found out yesterday that a dear nephew died unexpectedly and I just cant get my head wrapped around the loss and tragedy.  So today, I find that I'm definitely suffering from a lack of focus, and it's certainly justifiable!  We are just awaiting funeral details and not sure of what the next few days will bring.  I am supposed to be having my Hostess Club on Thursday and Friday and as of today, I would assume that will be the case regardless.  (I am working at the hospital this weekend as well, so I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to attend anyway, as weekends aren't something you can take "off" from?)  Lots of decisions to be made.  Hug your loved ones today and tell them you love them!

I did have a few minutes in the studio (I NEEDED my Happy Place) and whipped up this adorable little card for Hostess Club on Thursday and Friday.  I think you should stop by!  We have a couple of openings for you.  Aren't you missing your monthly dose of stamping?

Christmas Cheer