This is it…the return to "work".  Ella was quite excited to return to "work" this morning.  She met her teacher last week and the teacher's been warned.  :) 


All things considered, we did have a wonderful summer.  There were a few moments…but I think if I would just throw the chore list out the windows and just let summer roll, we'd all be happier?  (Although I think that would come back to bite me in about 15 years when they've not developed any sort of work ethic or responsibility and are STILL living at home.)  Adria and Denver head back tomorrow so then it's back to work for me too.  I always have such grand plans to whip my house and business into shape.  Wish me luck.

I did manage to spend a little bit of time in my Happy Place this morning and I whipped up this little cutie.  My next class is Terrific Textures on Monday, Sept 8th & 9th.  I have three sessions.  Monday, Sept 8th @ 9:30 am & 6:30 pm and Tuesday, Sept 9th @ 9:30am. Hope you can come!

Sweet Stuff

Gotta Get Back to Work!  Newsletter, here I come!