I've been having a lot of fun with this Layout series of classes and I think I've been running this class for over a year now, so that means some of you class members have a boat load of layouts! 

Taking a photography class and a photoshop elements class has been on MY bucket list for a long time and so I did sign up for an online Photoshop Elements class through our local technical college early this fall.  Thought it should be great, in theory, BUT, I am already a little bit behind on my lessons.  All I've had time to learn was how to open the program.  :)  Adria took an online personal finance class this summer and she kept up wonderfully.  The apple fell a long ways from the tree on that one!  Baby step for this old dog.

Merry Everything

Last year, Ella dressed as Mary Poppins and I have some really cute photos.  I need to get them printed and added to this layout but I wanted to be a little further along in my class before I tackle it.  This year, I've heard rumblings of a Cleopatra costume? 

I have a few more Founder's Circles photos to share with you too.  I haven't forgotten my promise.  I just wanted to actually have a card done with my new stamp set.  Ella used it for a birthday card for a friend tomorrow and it turned out pretty cute.  Watch for her creation.  Gotta turn in.  Big day tomorrow.  Birthday Party and a State Cup soccer game (determines if we advance to semi-finals) and I'm hoping I can talk one of the kids into helping me start staining the deck.


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