Gardening can be so rewarding and yet SO annoying.  I HAVE HAD IT!  🙂 I hear the siren song of the local farmer's market and can see the benefits of just buying my produce from someone else who's of a stronger constitution than I.   We are losing all of our tomatoes to late blight.  It's so depressing to see beautiful healthy plants and then 2-3 days later…this.  Last week I could hardly get in between the rows.  This fungus will literally destroy an entire field in days.  The plants as well as the fruits.  It attacks mainly tomatoes and potatoes.  We are trying a last ditch effort of copper spray but I'm afraid it's a complete loss.  This beautiful cooler rainy weather makes conditions perfect for the spread and the spores can travel for miles and one spore can start the demise of the field.  Yikes.     TomtoesBut if I'm looking for the bright side…I am NOT living in the 1800's and this is not my potato field and my family will not starve from this ugly fungus.  (This was the cause of the Irish Potato Famine.)  Let's keep it in perspective.  This is my hobby and I can certainly head my bum ove to the market if I'm craving BLT's or salsa.  But still, it's just so sad to see the waste.  Chickens liked the spoiled fruit though.

And then there are Japanese Beetles.  Those are so annoying.  I try to get out into the raspberry patch at least 1x a day and try to collet at least 200.  But I'm losing the battle….it's so bad that they aren't just eating the leaves they've moved on to the fruit.  This means WAR.  I have the phermone bags and some say it's just attracting more.  My philosophy is that at least I'm getting them out of the breeding cycle?  We dump the bag of collected beetles into the ducks water dish and it's hilarious.  They literally vacuum them up.  I've got to get a video of them.  So that's what I'm dealing with today.

And then there is this…I need my "Happy Place" but I haven't had time…