Today would be a perfect day to head to the beach.  I think it's to be one of the few above 80 degree days we've had this summer, but Ms. Ella is headed to the Wisconsin State Fair with a family friend, Ms. Adria is at soccer camp and Mr. Denver, was still in bed as of 10am this morning.  So no beach for this family today.  We are actually expecting Rob's sisters and kids to come and use our field for running around with the motorbike and minibikes.  But let me just tell you a little secret…a couple of those sisters?…take a little time to get going in the morning, they are very different than their brother.  So I'm catching up on a few things in the office and will head out to the garden shortly until they come along….we are very excited to spend time with them though.

This is just a real quick card that we did for my July Coffee Cards and Biscotti Class.  It's a quick masculine card using the By The Tide Stamp set.    I also used our new Decorative Masks to sponge the stars on the center piece of Chocolate Chip Cardstock.


That's all for today…I just didn't want you to think I'd fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm alive and well and just barely holding on until the start of school.  Hugs for today!