We bought a couple of toys off of Craigslist last week and I firmly believe my summer would have been a little less fraught with drama if we'd have done it earlier!  We found a dirt bike for Denver and a go-kart, with a roll bar and a seat belt, for Ella. They were extremely reasonable and both kids and neighbors are having a blast zipping around our yard.  I firmly believe that the 5 dozen egg throwing incident, the tree crashing incident, the "name-any" incident that we endured this summer may have been avoided as Ella would have been occupied with the go-kart?  Or maybe not…

Three weeks ago I started the Back to School Countdown but it's been going relatively smoothly of late that I'm a little sad to see that school is starting in a couple of weeks.   But tis the season and with it we needed to make a Back To School collage.  I've been trying to schedule at least one of these a month for my peeps.  I loved how this one turned out.  I pulled out a VERY VERY old Stampin' Up! set called It's Academic.  It worked smashingly with our new Blendabiities.

Back to School Framed Art Sampler

Enjoy.  Mark your calendars for the Upcoming Collage Classes.  I've got an entire season of them coming up!  Only $25 for the class and it includes the shadowbox frame and glass.