I've decided that neighbors should make a pact to vacation on the same week.  Ella's posse left for Florida late last night and she's been driving me crazy today.  And to make matters worse, she's grounded off all electronics for the week.  So I've had a stir-crazy seven year old pestering me on and off for the day.  We've whistled through the chore list, I've sent her out to climb trees, hit a tennis ball and threatened her with weeding if she came back into the office.  I'd be tempted to shut the office lights off and take a vacation day myself but I've been away from my normal routine for about two weeks and I feel a little stir-crazy myself and I've pushed aside several deadlines and must-do's. 

So when you can't beat them, and you can't join them, like that old saying goes, I say, make them JOIN you, right?  I was putting together my scrapbook layout kits for my out-of-town scrappers when Hurricane Ellas breezed through the office for the umpteenth time.  I had an aha moment!  KITS.  I'm obviously a slow learner as I was blown away by the ease and delight of kits back at Christmas time and I must have forgotten that important lesson.  Cheryl and I will be having a booth at the Rubberstamp Expo this weekend and we'd just talked about putting together the Hip Hip Hooray kit as part of our displays.  I sat the whirling dervish down and had her put together 8 of the 20 cards with marginal help from me.  She was entertained for over an hour and the best part is that it's going to provide another 1-2 hours of additional entertainment tomorrow!

Hip Hip Hooray

IMG_0941[1] 134998G

This kit is a winner.  The cards are truely hip enough that I'd love to make them myself.  They are simply adorable.  They are simple enough that my 7 year old (ok, she's an experienced stamper, but still) had a great time making them for me too.  The kit comes entirely complete and for only $19.95, I'll get at least two days of entertainment out of it.  That's better than the price of a couple of movies and popcorn, even on the cheap days!  Best part is that we will have 20 cards AND ding, ding, ding, ding….more "bored" time eaten up by writing out thank you cards for various things…

Have a couple of "bored" kids?  Get them a Kit.  We have several that are perfect for your summer cardmaking and entertainment!.  Everyday Occasions Kit – $29.95; Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit – $19.95.  Additional kits are shown on page 198 of the catalog.  They can be shipped directly to your home for the next time you hear, "i'm bored!"  That's it!  "someone is spraying the office doors and windows with the hose, suppose it's time to force a bit of "weeding time".

Order online here!