Today, I need every single one of the Super Powers to assist.  I need Wonder Weederwoman, Cleaning Cat-Women, Olga the Organzier, Stacy the Slenderizer and Nancy the Supernanny.  My fairy godmother just aint cuttin' it.  :)  It's been a full week so am "bordering on stressing" so I felt I should indulge in a little retail therapy.  Here's one of the sets that will be arriving tomorrow so that I can have it in time for my Catalog Kick-off on Saturday.  Mark your calendars – Saturday, June 14th – 9am – 1pm!  Stop by and check out the new things as well as pick up your free copy of the new catalog.

HerosTell me this isn't going to be the MOST fun EVER?!?

Calling All Heroes Photopolymer Stamp Set – 138002


That's all for today.  I need to head into the house and whip up something edible for supper.  Where's Laura Leftover Queen when you need her!

One perk of a little stress is that I work it out creatively.  I've got a BUNCH of cards and the likes to share with you this week!  Hold on they are coming!

Order yours today! –