It's not what you think!  I'm not talking to my husband or even talking about one of the NEW IN-COLORS for 2014-2016….I'm talking about actual HONEY.  I had one of those "aha" moments yesterday.  You see, I'm trying to cram about 4 weeks of work (or is it procrastination) into about 2 days and so this week was full to overflowing. 

A group of my friends gets together every other month or so to "celebrate" the month's birthdays over lunch and coffee…so image my conflicted emotions when a text arrived earlier this week announcing the time and date of the April/May celebration.  I SOO didn't have time to cram that into the bulging seams of this week but how could I say no?  You know me, I can't!  And of course, you can't arrive without a little token gift?  And it MUST be hand-stamped, of course!  I was delighted to shave off about 1 hour of shopping and stamping when my eyes landed on the box of honey that's all set and ready for sale in the office here and I grabbed the Scallop Tag Punch and the box of stamps from Hostess club and threw together 3 tags in all of 5 minutes.    The 'aha" moment was "TAGS ARE ADORABLE" and I'm really glad I have a couple of hives full of busy little bees.  I had enough time to start another load of laundry and cuddle with the new kittens.  I hope it warms up here soon so that those bees can get busy..


So, that's it for today.  Overflowing?  We have three kdis playing in seven soccer games today and since it's Denver's birthday tomorrow, a quick grill-out tonight with the folks and the in-laws.  I suppose I should start packing for the cruise?  I do anticipate I might need to pull an all-nighter tonight…I figure that since I'd have to be up at 4am to head to the airport, I might as well fore-go sleep.  That is one of the perks of being a part-time 3rd shifter. You become conditioned to it and it's really not a problem!  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather today.  I so am looking forward to a bunch of GOOD soccer games!