I was having a few connection issues with the internet yesterday so I decided ditch the posting and newsletter idea to make the MOST of the gorgeous spring day and "connect" with nature.  Denver, my friend Roxanne and I were able to weed the ENTIRE aspargus patch, add a layer of chicken manure/compost and then mulch the entire bed.  I was a bit sore last night before bed but it was a great way to kick off spring break, in my estimation.  Of course, Denver wasn't nearly so excited. 

I'm going to work on the raspberry patch this next week in between getting ready for the Scrapbook Expo, coming up on April 25th and 26th at State Fair Park.  Stop by to see us.  At the expo, I mean.  Although I'm sure I could find some weeds for you to pull out there if you want to stop by the house!  Sweat labor for raspberries this summer?  

Stampin' Up had the cutest boots with flowers on the cover of our Stampin' Success this past month and of course, I wanted to replicate them for our display at the expo. I scoured Waukesha looking for boots on Monday.  Nada!  I ordered them off the Target website yesterday and I will have to tell you there are scads of adorable "wellies" out there on the internet.  I love wellies, or rain boots as they are sometimes called, especially now that they aren't just plain ol black.  I slip a boring black pair on every morning to head out and feed the chickens.  With my birthday and/or Mother's Day coming up, I wonder if someone could slip a hint to one of my kids, that cute wellies would make an ADORABLE and IDEAL gift.  :)  Adria will know the right size, as we are the same and she occasionally borrows my footwear.

And speaking of wellies….I finished up my Stamp Set in the Spotlight cards earlier this week and I used Crystal Effects on my rain boots from the Bootiful Occasions set.  This card is one of three that you will get in your Stamp Set in the Spotlight kit.  You receive the stamp set, three cards and cutting sizes for all three cards!  You have until April 30th to order this kit.  Click here to receive information each month about the selected set and cards.

Bootiful OccasionsAll for now, Happy Day to you!