"Ouch!"  Reality Bites!  We arrived back home from New York City last night and I'm thinking that it's bit difficult to get back into the swing of things.  My aunt, Marcia, a very good family friend, Deb and I left Milwaukee on Thursday morning to take Adria to the Big Apple to see Wicked for her birthday.  Everything about the trip was FABULOUS!  We spent some time in Princeton, NJ seeing Kailie, Deb's daughter and Adria's BFF.  I posted a few photos on my Facebook page if you want to see the action.  Make sure you "like" me while you are there!

So now it's back to laundry, house cleaning and a sick kid or two.  I tried to escape reality for a little while by spending some time in my happy place today.  I have several cards that need stamping for upcoming classes etc so I spent a little time here in the studio this afternoon.  Stamping did help ease the transition from vacation to home.  At home, here, I'm usually a very happy camper as long as I get some crafting time on a regular basis but I probably could use a little more yet today.  I think I'm tired and under-caffeinated!  Fun can be such hard work!

Here's one of the cards that I did today and I think I'll use it for my Hostess club this Thursday and Friday.  It's the fun File Folder card done with the Envelope Punch Board.

See Ya Later

You know, I've got a new round of clubs starting and we need just two more bodies to make a full club!  I certainly hope you would consider joining our Hostess Club.  You commit to coming 8 months and spending a minimum of $20 at each club.  You will receive ALL the Hostess Benefits one of the months AND you make three cards at each club. 

We meet on Thursdays and Fridays once a month!  It's a blast and let me tell you…each of my hostesses, in each of the three clubs that I've ran for the last year has gotten at LEAST one half price item on their Hostess Month.  Email me if you would like me to reserve YOUR spot.