Top O' the Mornin' to you.  I hope you all enjoyed your Corned Beef and Cabbage yesterday and had a marvelous St. Paddy's Day.  We had potato soup in honor of our Irish friends.  Willy, the Leprechaun visited and caused mischief galore around our house.  He spread Quiddler cards all over the living room and used them to spell the words, Wear Green, Willy.  He left a hammer and screwdriver in the refrig, a banana in Ella's boot, painted shamrocks on the mirrors with toothpaste, colored the toilet water green and moved other stuff around.  (He couldn't color the milk or butter as someone here is allergic to food coloring and I would hate to waste all that food!)  He did leave a big pile of gold chocolate coins in the leprechaun trap.  Now my question is this…if one is trying to "trap" a lepraucaun and has lured him into the house, who should be responsible for cleaning up his mess?  YES!  That's what I thought too.  Whomever is doing the luring and trapping!  Ella just smiled, opened another chocolate coin and walked away….sigh….

I think I started scrapbooking in earnest about the time my aunt Marcia and I took our horseback riding trip to Ireland, and while it's not Throwback Thursday, here's a quick shot of what I USED to look like. 


And what my scrapbooking used to look like….


And here's what it looks like today…

Daydream Medallion Scrapbook Page

I will NOT be sharing a "me" photo from today, but let's just say, I would love to be able to take my old-self and transport it to my current home and studio and ALL would be wonderful?!  Just kidding.  I'm blissfully happy with today (yes, I know I should get in shape and lose a little weight and will start working out again….tomorrow?  I "can't" today.  I have pages to work on for Thursday's Scrapbook Layouts class.  And a long over-due newsletter to send out.  I know, I know. I'm "working up" the ambition to "work out".  Baby steps…..)

But in the meantime, join us for the Scrapbooking Layouts classes once a month on Thursday evenings.  You will make five pages for only $25.  Call me or email me to register.