Yes, that's me, A Generation X'er.  I fall safely in that time range and have many of the stereo-typical characteristics of my generation.  Case in point, yesterday.  I am fairly computer-literate.  I can blog, I can manage the aps on my smart-phone, I can text and even post photos on my facebook page.  Now, You-Tube?  Yes, I've dabbled a smidge, so I think I'm pretty typical of my generation.  We can learn technology but it might take us a little longer?  We are stubborn and self-reliant and we have a decent work ethic.

This Generation Xer found a screaming deal on Photoshop Premiere right before Christmas and snatched up the software.  My Photoshop/Premiere 9 was dismally out-dated.  (I had made a commitment to a friend to start doing a few more You-tube videos.  I had been doing a couple a while back but a couple of the comments brought my self-doubt out to the forefront and I decided that I would ignore You-tube for a while.  Why go there when you could spend the time stamping!) 

So yesterday, I spent a good long time LOOKING for the actual software to install, then a GOOD LONG time installing the software, then a VERY LONG time relearning the software upgrades and even LONGER trying to get You-tube to upload my video.  It's a good thing I had supper in the crockpot so I could manage to get the dumb thing working!   I finally figured out a work-around so here's my video.  Probably should just have waited until my Millennials got home from school and could have whipped that baby out in no time!  But I struggled through, fairly typical of my generation.  :)  I did it!  Hooray.  Hey Mom, can you put it on your fridge?


Easter Punch Board Favor


Enjoy.  I'll try polishing it up in the future.  Baby steps my friends.