Our family has a lot of "guys", and I mean the "Duck Dynasty" kind of guys.  Some of you may remember our house in Waukesha and the countless hours you had to stamp in the room with the wood stove and the deer head, and the bear rug and the fish mounts.  Ewww….and you didn't even have to dust them, I did!  The good news is that when we moved we didn't have any room for the stuff (and I say that in the nicest way possible) so it was relinquished to the garage.  Rob's dream is to have a great room some day  to showcase all his mounts on a stone fireplace, and when the time is right, (when there's a little bit of $ is probably more the issue!) I will use it as a carrot to get my way and have a first floor laundry and a bathroom off the studio.  If you are remodeling, you might as well go big, or go home, right?  One can dream, I suppose….

But anywhoo, the Walk in the Wild stamp set has GOT to be one of my hands down favorites.  It's such an awesome set to use for those "guys's" birthdays.  Each one of them will have one a year, and each one of them will get a gift card to Cabela's or to Home Depot.  So a versatile set, is just the ticket.  Here's one of the cards that I did last week for my Stamp Set in the Spotlight. 

Walk in the Wild

Last day to sign up is Feb 20th.  CLick here and sign up for the mailing list and to see the monthly set.  There is no committment!   Make sure you let me know by Feb 20th if you wish to sign up this month for the Set in the Spotlight – Walk in the Wild.  You will receive the Stamp set, directions with cutting sizes and the three hand stamped samples!  This is such an awesome set and I think the cards are pretty cool too.  You'll be kickin' yourself if you miss out!