and for which I'm truly thankful.  I meant to share my Stamp Set in the Spotlight with you yesterday but I had a pretty yucky day. So,I put my sweats on and went to bed.  Of course, had to get up to retrieve Ms. Ella from school as she was sick on top of it all.    BUT I'm alive and well and so am counting my blessings.

I was asked to take a different day at work and so yesterday when I was leaving work, I heard a huge clunk!  Weird…I stop take a look and see nothing.  Head out of the parking lot, and call Rob as my brakes felt a little "squishy".  He says take it easy and go right home.  I received a couple of rude hand gestures as I was trying to stay far behind the car in front of me and wasn't traveling with the pack, bumper to bumper.  Called Rob again as the car would kind of side sway when I used the brakes.  Again, "take it easy" (of course, he was on his way to Madison so couldn't help me out!). 

Lots of brakelights on Hwy 94 out near Waukesha so I decided to hop off the freeway and take the frontage road near Delafield….Went down a fairly steep hill, approaching a four-way stop and tried to use the brakes.  Pedal to the floor, there was NOTHING.  Not so much as a slight slowing, completely blew through the intersection at 30-40 miles an hour.  Somehow, my guardian angel managed to get me and the others in the intersection through it.   Hindsight I should have used the clutch to downshift but between the panic, and the 8 hour night shift, I wasn't playing my A-game.  We think that a chunk of ice from the wheel well, may have cracked my brakeline, and all the brake fluid drained out.  But I'm so very thankful for the fact, I'm here and well.

Ella did have a pretty good fever yesterday but I sent her to school this morning as it was 98.2.  She missed Valentines LAST year because of sickness so she was really hoping she could make it this year.  She reminded me of this SEVERAL times while making this years Valentines!  Of course, I didn't remember… 

Here's the cute little Valentines we whipped up for her this morning.  It's done simply with the Punch Board and a 4" x 4" piece of paper.  We used the Monstermaniacs set.  Simple and quick.  Gotta love it.  Probably no more than an hour, start to finish for 20 Valentines and that included breakfast and getting the big kids out the door.  My "assistant" did a good part of it but that's always unreliable as that assistant has a way of being distracted and is entertaining with her non-stop chatter.  (No, the Apple DID NOT fall far from the tree on that one!  Why do you ask?!)  Maybe if I'm productive next week, I'll share a quick little video showing this technique?


IMG_0208[1]And hopefully I can share the photos from the Stamp set in the Spotlight cards.    They are awesome.  Order by Feb 20th!